Becoming a Lash Artist?

Do you want to make other people happy or do you want a career switch? Don’t hestitate and apply for our Exclusive Private Lash Academy where you learn all the ins and outs of lashes. Our courses are divided in half day theory and half day practice. After this day you must practice to become a professional lashstylist. You may always return for questions and feedback. Official certificates included. 

Our courses

One by One Lashextensions, Russian Volume Lashes & Lashlifting. 

Basic Course:
Becoming an One-by-One Lashmaster

This is basic course where you learn to put lashextensions according the one-by-one technique. Suitable for lashartists without any experience. At this day we go through the theory, the products, placementtechniques, eyestyles and common asked questions & mistakes. After correct completion of this day you’ll get an official lashartist certificate. 

Intermediate Course:
Mastering the 2D/3D Natural Volumelashes

This course is suitable for lashartists who has at least four months of experience. With this course we are going deeper with the theory part and we are going to learn new placing techniques. For the ones who are interested we will also repeat the theory of the basic course. After sufficient completion of this course you’ll get an official certificate. 

Master Course:
Becoming a Megavolume Lashmaker

This is the advanced course with the Russian volume technique. Its very important that you have completed the basic and intermediate course before applying for this course. We are going to discuss the glue, which is very important for the volume technique. And more theory and applying techniques. Hereby you will also receive an official certificate by sufficient competence. 

L'avely Lashlift

The L’avely lashlifting course is suitable for everyone. You don’t need any experience as a lashartist for this education. Lashlifting is a very nice addition to your salon. A great advantage of this treatment is that its suitable for every type of customer, especially for the ones who are allergic to the glue of lashextensions. 

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