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The beautysalon for luxury eyelash extensions and brow treatments 

We make you shine again

You can visit us for all your lash- and browtreatments. 

Lash treatments

 What are you choosing today? The classic one-by-one lashes, the Russian volume (2D/3D) or the Megavolume of 4-6D ?

Brow treatments

 Besides lashes we are also specialized in brows. You can decide to book a complete brow treatment with shaping and tinting.  

Teeth whitening

Professionally teeth whitening without harmful ingredients 


We make you happy

Great salon and Im very happy with my brows and lashes! 

– Adriana

I had a great treatment, they were super friendly and professional. The best lashlift Ive ever had! 

– Megan


Do you want to learn to be the best lashartist or browartist? Apply for our exclusive private trainings.

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