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Lash treatment general

If you are coming from another salon, you can choose to remove your lashes by us and/or go for a new set afterwards. Its also possible to let your deep cleanse your lashextensions by us. 

One-by-one lashextensions

With the classic one-by-one lashtechnique we use one false lashextension on your real lashes. The extensions fall of naturally with the growth cyclus of your lashes, which makes this treatment safe for your own lashes.

Advice for an infill: 3-4 weeks.

2D - 3D (russian) volume

This technique is called the Natural Volume at our salon. Hereby we usually use two false lashextensions instead of one. This natural volume technique creates a fuller look than the classic technique, but keeping the natural style.

This is our favorite technique. 

4D - 6D (mega) volume

This style is for the ones that love a voluminous look. Hereby we put between 4-6 very thin false extensions for the dramatic look, but still keeping the natural style because of the thin hairs (much thinner than the one-by-one or the natural volume).

We love this technique because it lasts the longest of them all. 


Lashlaminatoin is ideal for the ones that are allergic to the glue of the extensions or who just love their own lashes. With this treatment we curl your own lashes, so you don’t need a curler or mascara anymore.

The effect stays until 8 weeks.

The treatment is 100% natural and doesn’t need any aftercare

Lash botox

A Spa Lash Botox is a treatment where we give your lashes a boost. Lashbotox is a deep intense feeding mask for the natural lashes. Are your natural lashes damaged or do you have very thin lashes? We recommed you this treatment, especially in combination with lashlifting. 

The ingredients of the lashbotox contains different kind of vitamins and natural oils to strengthen your own natural lashes. There is NO paraben, paraffines, mineral oils, silicones or formaldehyde.

Advice: Take a cure of 6 for the ultimate result.

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